MLS2600-Muddy Nexus 2-Man Ladderstand

List Price: $339.99
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Top Feature :
Comfortable & Spacious Seat that Flips Back for Full Platform Use; Padded Armrests

Item Description:

Six Position Adjustable/Side Folding Stock. Can be Fired from Folded Position. TrakLOCK System. Eliminates Horizontal & Vertical Movement of the Stock on the Buffer Tube. Pro Fit All Users. Includes Tall Cheekrest with 1 1/4″ of Adjustment. Includes Short Cheekrest with 1/2″ of Adjustment. Slot for Tactical Sling Attachment. Drop Tube Adaptor for Use with Iron Sites. Two Sling Swivel Studs. Mounting Hardware Included. DuPont Extreme Temperature Glass. Reinforced Polymer. Manufactured in the USA. Limited Lifetime Warranty. Fits All Ruger Mini-14 with Serial Number 181 and Above. Note: Sling Swivel Studs Accepts ATI’s Sling Swivel (Part # A.5.10.2506) or any Standard Sling Swivel. Note Six Degree Drop tube Adapter included for use with Iron Sights

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