Pheasant Hunting 101

Pheasant Hunting 101

Pheasant in the wildAre you more enthralled with the act of the hunt than the actual act of making a kill? Does your heart race at the thought of silently creeping up on your prey and outsmarting it? If this sounds like you, pheasant hunting is the perfect type for you. Whether you hunt for meat or for sport, hunting pheasants are unique in that it takes a great deal of skill, patience, precision, and stealth.

How do you begin pheasant hunting? The first thing you should consider is the type of gun to choose. There are a wide variety of bird hunting guns that are lightweight and maneuverable enough to suit any situation. Do your research thoroughly—after all, if you purchase a gun that isn’t powerful enough, you may not have a successful hunt, whereas if you purchase a gun that’s too powerful, you run the risk of harming yourself and others, as well as damaging the pheasant carcass.

Another aspect to consider when pheasant hunting is your dog. There are lots of different breeds to choose from. Ideally, a good birding dog is one who will move as stealthily as you do, isn’t afraid of the sound of gunfire, and follows commands without deviation. Keep in mind that some breeds simply point toward the bird, while others will frighten the pheasant into flight. If you’d rather not purchase and train your own dog, it’s possible to rent a good birding dog as well. Either way, they’re an essential part of pheasant hunting.

There are many tips to keep in mind while pheasant hunting. For example, gun safety is a crucial part of this type of hunting. Tension is high, and an accurate kill depends on quick reflexes and a steady hand. If you don’t have a cool head throughout this, it’s very easy to accidentally shoot a fellow hunter or even your dog. When pheasant hunting, make sure to move in a formation where you are at the least risk of friendly fire and always be sure to keep gun safety firmly in mind.

If you want to make a weekend of your hunting, taking a guided hunt is a fun way to truly get the most out of your experience. This is especially ideal if you’re just starting out and want to learn what it’s like. You are accompanied by accomplished guides who can give you hunting tips and share stories. Once you’re through hunting, you can return to your cabin and enjoy the hot meals the company provides you with. Learn more today about how pheasant hunting can benefit you!

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