Guide Gear 2-Person 17.5′ Double-Rail Ladder Tree Stand

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Lots of space for 2 hunters above the ground. Guide Gear 2-Man 17 1/2′ Double-Rail Ladder Tree Stand. Double your pleasure, double your fun! This Sportsman’s Guide Exclusive Double Rail Ladder Stand is the best way to teach a novice the ins and outs of deer hunting. This 2-person Stand is the ideal setting, with plenty of room for you and a pal, you and your gal or you and a buddy. Plus, it’s extra roomy for a single hunter who’s big like a NFL lineman. Rest comfortably 17 1/2′ up for the key shot above their keen noses. Deer hunting is about perspective. The more area you see, the better your chances of firing off a shot. With this tall Ladder Stand, 2 hunters will have a distant view with lots of angles for the best possible shot without getting in each others’ way. 500-lb. weight capacity; Spanning mesh seat flips-up for standing shots; Room for 2 with lots of angles; Extra large mesh foot platform (40″ x 26″); Flip-up seat has padded bumpers; Padded shooting rail flips up and out of the way; Steel tube construction with anti-rust powder coat finish; Adjustable ladder support bar with strap; 3 fit-together double-rail ladder sections; Stands 17 1/2’h. to seat, 20 seat height from platform; Built to the Sportsman’s Guide exact specifications for quality; 2 fall-arrest safety systems included; Weighs 89 lbs.; Imported; Nab this great hunting offer today for years of service! Guide Gear 2-Man 17 1/2′ Double-Rail Ladder Tree Stand

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